Excellence, Intelligence and Innovation built into every design

Ever since inception in 1968, S. S. Packaging Industries, with a focus on manufacturing of liquid packaging machineries, has emerged as SS Group, which today symbolizes international quality in India and across the world. “SS” machines are working in South-East Asia, Middle-east, Africa and Europe successfully.


Founded by Mr. Satnam Singh, now the Chairman of “SS” group, is supported by his son Mr. Pardeep Singh, the Managing Director of “SS” Group, who has a passion for modern technology. They are closely working together with the team at “SS” to provide their customers with technologically driven, reliable and accurate packaging solutions which gives “SS” lead over other players in the packaging industry.


Research & development is the foundation of brand “SS”, where innovations frequently define the cutting edge at every step in the manufacturing process. Historically, “SS” has always developed it’s own machines, with it’s extensive R & D capabilities, to engineer it’s liquid packaging product range to the most exact specifications in order to bring the best possible benefits to the customers. This commitment to innovative development is just one way “SS” helps it’s customers to be more productive.


At “SS” it is believed that it’s not only what you make, but how you make it that counts. That’s why “SS” takes great pride in it’s machines, which are renowned for their quality, construction and craftsmanship. Each machine is custom assembled and meticulously made using a state of-art manufacturing process. It’s continuous success depends upon fresh ideas which bring tangible benefits- speed, accuracy & simplicity in construction, that give a competitive edge in the marketplace.


As a technology-driven, customer-oriented company, “SS” continues to explore new technologies, enhancing it’s offer of machines and services to emerge as a major exporter in International market.

Our Vision and Mission

“Our vision is to be the most advanced, realiable and high-end technology service provider in the ever growing liquid packaging industry.To increase our knowledge and capabilities as the service provider, and become global supplier of choice to provide quality services preferred by our customers.”

Satnam Singh
Chairman, SS Group of Industries

“Our mission is to be the trusted technology and service provider of liquid packaging solutions for years to come. To manufacture products of outstanding quality that give our customers a competitive advantage. To attain highest level of reliability, efficiency and integrity.As a technology-driven, customer-oriented company, we will continue to explore new technologies, thus enhancing our offer of machines and services.”

Pardeep Singh
Managing Director, SS Group of Industries


100% Customized

Machines designed as per your needs


High end technology

Cutting edge filling and packaging


All liquid packaging solution available

From the tiniest to the biggest bottles, we provide
end to end bottling solutions


Competitive pricing

No compromise in the quality and best
prices assured


Research and development

Strong and focused R &D to ensure
customer centric solutions


After sales and spares network

On-site and off-site technical service
available worldwide 24/7