Rotary PET bottle Unscrambler

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The bottle unscrambler’s working principle is to arrange the empty PET bottles in hopper through centrifugal force
and orientation bottle drop device and send them out to connect with air conveyor system.
In addition, bottle elevator is equipped to send the empty PET bottles to the top of main machine.

  •  Programmable Logic Controllers.
  •  Machine designed entirely with stainless steel.
  •  Motorised adjustment for bottles of various heights.
  •  The entire machine can be flushed.
  •  Composed of round silo, umbrella tower, bottle drop device, and drive system.
  •  Sensor which controls bottles storage quantity the bottle in the main machine.
  •  The PLC control with frequency adjusting ensures the synchronization of the production line.
  •  Centralized lubrication system is set for lubrication at right time and right place with right dosing.
  • Bottle out feed is controlled by synchronous belt and star wheel to ensure stable bottle out-feed.


  1. It can handle different bottles according to customer’s need.
  2. No fallen bottles and no bottle squeezing.

Upto 24000 BPH

Interested in this product?