Packers & Unpackers With Swivel Support

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The machine can handle containers in vast variety of shapes. Its assortment of gripper heads is designed to
cope with any and every challenge. All grippers can be changed quickly and easily.
The sequential movements are perfectly synchronized. Hence, it’s gentle to products.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Machine designed entirely with stainless steel
  • Motorized adjustment for bottles of various heights
  • The entire machine can be flushed
  • Modular design
  • Single-lane or double-lane conveyor
  • Gripper heads and storage systems (handling parts trolley and flat magazine) with quick-change
  • Lifting unit with maintenance-free toothed-belt drive
  • Pneumatic or motorized movement of the insertion frame
  • Lifting unit safety stop feature
  • Integral control cabinet
  • Sliding and/or hinged doors for machine safety
  • One or two swivel supports – depending on the machine size
  •  Versatile applications
  •  A wide selection of gripper heads provides the right solution for the most varied of container and pack types.
  •  High operational reliability
  • Sturdy construction comprising standardised components minimises wear and maintenance.
  • Enhanced productivity
  • When the product is changed, the machine can be converted to cope with new requirements in no time at all.
  •  Reduced downtimes and increased productivity.
  •  Ease of operation
  •  Well arranged design

Upto 48000 BPH

Interested in this product?