Packers & Unpackers With Lift Column

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The machine is highly versatile. It can handle a wide variety of packing and unpacking tasks and process many different
kinds of containers.
Its great adaptability, with a modular design permitting multiple layout configurations, means it is easily integrated into
existing lines. The machine itself is remarkably easy to use in everyday operations. The lifting unit and horizontal axis are
fitted with maintenance-free toothed belts. Format change-over is partially or even fully automatic depending on model.
And because it is easy to see into and to access, it makes all operator control and maintenance tasks easy too.


Head 2. Design features
1. Programmable Logic Controllers
2. Machine designed entirely with stainless steel
3. Motorised adjustment for bottles of various heights
4. The entire machine can be flushed
5. Lifting unit and transverse conveyor with maintenance-free toothed belt
6. Single-lane or double-lane pack conveyor
7. Free-standing operator panel with touch-screen
8. Programmable logic control
9. Driven by servo-controlled motors
10. Lifting unit safety stop feature
11. Easily exchangeable linear guides on the lifting unit
12. Machine protection with protective grating and sliding door


1. Used for both packing and unpacking containers.
2. High degree of functional reliability
3. Safe, troublefree operation of the packer.
4. Low space requirement
5. Wide processing range
6. Variety of gripper heads; different container types can be safely processed
7. Fast change-over
8. Based on extensive automation, changing to different formats is quick and easy; can
optionally also change format fully automatically.


Upto 36000 BPH

Interested in this product?