Multi-Functional Packing & Palletizing Robot

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The machine manages numerous packing, palletising, and sorting task :
1. Palletising pack rows and single packs
2. Palletising returnable packs in rows
3. Picking up or depositing containers in rows/complete layers
4. Packing and unpacking of complete layers/rows or single packs
5. Feeding of packer magazine with carton blanks
6. Processing of special formats such as kegs and bags

  • Robust cast-iron design
  • Articulated-arm robot with four axes
  • Freely programmable, superimposed movement axes
  • Drive system protected against dust and water
  • Maintenance-free servo motors in all movement axes
  • PLC integrated in robot base
  • During normal operation only electrical and wear-resistant braking procedures are employed
  • Mechanical stopping break when robot is turned off
  • Backlash-free cycloidal gear with integral cross roller mounting
  • Standardised gripper head couplings




  • Easy touch-screen operation
  • Display of all relevant production data
  • All operating and maintenance points are easily accessible
  • Operation and parameterisation is possible via Remote Service
  • Surrounded by a sturdy guarding and has an electronically locked door.
  • compact size
  • its motion sequences are precise and gentle on the product.
  • low maintenance requirements

Upto 550 cycles/hour

Interested in this product?