High Speed - 3300 packs/hour

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Single Roller Film Wrappping for bundle packing of beer,drinks and beverage,fruit juice,bottle
water,dairy,condiment and so on with or without bottom support

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Machine designed entirely with stainless steel
  •  Motorized adjustment for bottles of various heights
  •  The entire capper can be flushed
  •  Equipped servo motor control system
  •  Friendly operation interface
  •  Rapid parameter setting and convenient for human-machine communication,operation and
  •  These machines can be added print film system,cardboard+film or t
  • ray+film packing setting.
  • Unique film layoff mechanism and constant tension film conveyor are adopted,featuring
    instantaneous film cutting,automatic film connecting and wrapping and higher strength after
    shrinking packing.
  • Special shaking setting for bottle-dividing,none status for blocking and bearing
    bottle,smooth transport.
  • Film cutting and film wrapping are accurate,synchronous,stable and reliable.
  • Adopting air circulation technology,the shrinkage chamber features rational structure,heat
    insulation,high precision for temperature control and better packing effects.

Upto 3300 packs/hour

Interested in this product?