Glass Bottle Unscrambler (Traditional bottles with manual case insertion nd bottle loading)

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This machine, as a perfect substitute for traditional bottle unscrambling method featuring manual case
insertion and bottle loading, symbolizes a revolution for liberation of labor in bottle yard of breweries.
With our bottle unscrambler, it's possible to reduce investment cost in recycle plastic cases, decrater and
conveyor belt, minimize the occupied space of bottle yard.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Machine designed entirely with stainless steel
  • Motorized adjustment for bottles of various heights
  • The entire machine can be flushed
  • Water Buffering’ to reduce breakage rate.
  • ‘Differential Mechanism’; rough-and- tumble glass bottles received from bottle collecting chain mesh
    are sorted out in rows.
  • ‘Direction adjustment mechanism’; the bottles are arranged upright in a line with bottle jack open
    upward to attain ideal unscrambling result.

1. Wide application
2. Labor saving
3. Reduction in bottle loss
4. Easy control and low operating cost.
5. Environmental protection by using water buffering.


Upto 36000 BPH

Interested in this product?