Glass Bottle Unscrambler (Automatic - Specially for Beer bottles)

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Glass Bottle Unscramble is a solution for automation in empty bottle feeding especially in  beer industry. Machine
operation principle is based on the theory of density. Gunny Bags containing RGB (returned glass bottles) are
unloaded in the jet stream hopper of the machine.Bottles are conveyed automatically through a running water
shower. Bottles are then sent further to washing line in mouth upward position. This is done by connecting the Out
chain Converter of unscramble to the in feed of the washing line.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers.
  • Machine designed entirely with stainless steel.
  • Motorized adjustment for bottles of various heights.
  • The entire machine can be flushed.
  • Runs on the GLASS ROUND BOTTLES of any design.
  • Manpower Saving: needs only 5 persons to operate.
  • Separate provision for break glass remove.
  • Water re-circulation through filter.

Upto 24000 BPH

Interested in this product?