Automatic Tunnel Rinsing Machines

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Suitable for Flat/Oval bottles with application in distilleries, food industry etc.


1. Programmable Logic Controllers
2. Machine designed entirely with stainless steel
3. Motorised adjustment for bottles of various heights
4. The entire machine can be flushed
5. Manual loading of bottles in pockets of rinsing machine
6. Automatic Unloading on slat chain conveyor with brake drive
7. Upto 6 cycle rinsing


1. Smooth rinsing cycle
2. Limit switch/sensor at every stage to sense bottle reversal or bottle obstruction
3. Quality rinsing ensured through 3 sets each of inner and outer nozzles
4. Bottles come out with water totally drained or with minimum droplets of water


Upto 24000 BPH

Interested in this product?